Breakfast Menu

Bullseye's Biscuits & More

This is no drive thru sandwich. Prepared on a buttermilk biscuit or croissant roll. Sandwiches you'll need a knife and fork to deal with!!
Hot Off The Griddle
Eggs & Things

All egg combos served with golden hashbrown potatoes.
Choice of toast (white, rye, sourdough or raisin), country biscuit or two buttermilk pancakes.
Bullseye's Omelettes

Begin with three Grade AA large eggs served with golden hashbrowns, toast (white, rye, sourdough or raisin) country biscuit or two buttermilk pancakes.
Plain $7.99 - Cheese $8.99
Add $0.99 for each additional item.
Sunday Breakfast Buffet

BUFFET Every Sunday from 8am-1pm
Breakfast Menu 8am-11am
Adults $11.99 | Seniors $9.99 (age 63+) | Children $6.99 (age 12 and under) | Kids FREE (age 4 and under)